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Herff Jones - work on yearbook pages



The 2016-17 Weller Year Book Page are now on sale and can be purchased through February 3 for only $15!  On February 4, the price will go up to $20.  


Siblings Discount:  There is a "Siblings Discount" of $5 when siblings purchase two year books at the same time (making it $35 for 2 year books).  When ordering the Siblings Discount online, put 1 for quantity - you will receive 2 books (the total will be $25 during the Presale)


Three ways to order:


1.  Fill out a i Form (available in the Offcie) and turn it in to the Office with payment (Checks made out to MUSD).

2.  Go to Yearbook Order Center. and use code "19558" to order.

3.  Call and place an order at the Yearbook Order Center 866-287-3096  (open 8am - 5 pm Central Standard Time)

Share pictures with the Yearbook

eShare  - Use the code weller


Please upload your 2016-17 school year pictures.  Be prepared to give us a brief description of the photo, subject's name, grade and event.  Without this information the yearbook staff may not be able to locate the picture.

2014-15 Cover

2014-15 Cover

Past Year book Covers

Carlson C..jpg

By Carlson Cabatotan, 6th grade

By Ezekiel Medina, 1st grade


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