Student of the Month- March

Riley Pendon (Gilpin)- Riley has a wonderful attitude towards learning and always wants to learn more. She works hard in class and is friendly to her classmates. Riley volunteers in class and is willing to work with all students. Great job Riley!  

Cristina Parada (Talucod)- Cristina has been making a better effort in Math class. She's been trying harder to listen and complete assignments. She is on the right path, keep it up Cristina!

Sairam Balakumar (Duong)- Sairam is a respectful and kind individual. He continuously comes to class with a positive attitude and prepared for the day. Sairam greatly contributes to classroom discussions, providing great insight in a plethora of subjects. His attitude, love of learning, and knowledge are just some of his amazing attributes. Sairam is truly a model student at Weller.   

Miya Arase (Winer)- Miya always tries her best when she writes. She is also helpful to other students in our classroom. Miya has been very respectful, responsible and an excellent student!

Andrew Nguyen (Anderson)- Andrew always tries his best in everything he does in school. He always has a smile on his face and a kind word for everyone.  

Robert Salazar (Mathias)- Robert always goes the extra yard by utilizing multiple strategies to solve our daily word problems. He is dependable for listening, following directions, and putting those direction into action. Robert welcomes any academic challenge, and he works well with others.

Aleeya Abriam(da Silva)- Aleeya helps other students at Weller. She also comes to school prepared and ready to learn. Also, She completes class work with effort and in a timely manner. She uses class time wisely .

Kenneth Datu (McCarter)- Kenneth studies very hard in READ 180 and diligently practices math homework daily. Excellent work!

Jonathan Delinela (Vigneri)- Jonathan is on task at all time and very helpful to all his peers. He completes his work without having to be reminded. 

Jenessy Lucas (Newstrom)- Jenessy is a student dedicated to her learning. She always is ready to learn, has a great attitude, and works very hard to go above and beyond expectations. 

Alex Ruiz (Sharma)- Alex comes to homeroom ready to learn. He participates in class and has a great attitude of trying his best. 

Jerald Devera (Hirano)- Jerald comes to school on time and ready to learn. He tries his best on his assignments and follows directions in class. He is honest, trustworthy and respectful towards adults and his peers.

Chloe Le (Von Tersch)- Chloe follows directions and gives 100% of her best effort in class and on her home projects. She follows the safety 1st rules at recess and in class. Chloe has improved in all areas of respect.

Ela Aquino (Semrau)- Ela is smart and well-rounded. She willingly works with all students. She is flexible and works in groups, pairs, and independently. She works hard to do her best.

William Collier (Salazar)- William has quickly taken to his new homeroom.  He is an attentive listener who, if he does not share his thoughts during instruction, has a word or two upon his exit; true to our class goals of listening and speaking.

Damon Sueoka (Ramchandran)- Damon is always ready to learn and willing to help others in class. he is never rude to any of his peers and is willing to help. (Students voted)